Kansas Bioscience Authority

The Kansas Bioscience Authority (KBA) was created by the Kansas Economic Growth Act of 2004 to accelerate growth in the bioscience sector. 

Originally designed to be funded by the Kansas income taxes generated by bioscience jobs with a 2019 sunset, KBA has been repositioned as a market-based, self-sustaining venture capital organization with an unlimited future.

KBA invests its own funds, attracts co-investors, consults on the management of its portfolio companies, calls on its network of partners to bring on additional expert resources as needed, and looks to generate a return on, and of, KBA capital.

Focused on the industry sectors where Kansas has outsized advantages – agribusiness, animal health and human health, KBA brings deep industry expertise and capital raising experience to each opportunity.

As KBA prepares to invest more than $100 million in the bioscience sector, it looks to follow founding investors with its own investment in the early-to mid-term growth phase of the company. KBA attracts co-investors who bring added value while supporting the entrepreneur with its own management counsel as well as that of other experts. This approach drives to the successful launch of a company’s innovation and a strong return of, and on, capital for KBA and its co-investors.

Entrepreneurs who work with KBA’s investment team can expect a hands-on, personal approach by industry experts who are energized by the story-how the idea came to be, the state of its technology and the unmet market need.

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