Kansas Downtown Redevelopment Tax Rebate

Through the Downtown Redevelopment Act, areas designated by the Secretary of Commerce can receive a rebate of property tax collected on properties that have undergone approved improvements. The city must request and be approved by Commerce before businesses can take advantage of the rebate. The amount of the rebate depends on the city and whether or not there are inter-local agreements in place with all local taxing entities or if the rebate is only from the city’s percentage. A property owner submits a written application to the governing body of the city to request the rebate.

A rebate of the incremental tax increase between the valuation prior to the improvements and the new assessed valuation is made available for five years. For the sixth year, 80 percent of the tax increment is subject to rebate. For the seventh, eighth and ninth years, the percentage of the tax increment that is not subject to rebate will increase by 20 percent each year. Beginning in the 10th year, no rebate is available.

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