Kansas International Trade Show Assistance Program (KITSAP)

The Kansas International Trade Show Assistance Program (KITSAP) helps introduce Kansas companies to foreign markets through participation in international trade shows. Eligible companies are those whose products or services originate in Kansas or whose products receive substantial value-added processing in Kansas.

A company must first apply to KITSAP, be approved and then sign and return the KITSAP contract before attending a funded trade show. After the company attends the trade show, the program will reimburse one-half of a company’s eligible direct expenses - up to $3,500 per show. A company may not exceed $7,000 in total combined financial assistance during a state fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). 

KITSAP will only consider trade shows where the applicant is exhibiting for the first time or has a new technology/product that is being introduced into that market for the first time.

When applying, a completed W-9 must accompany the application.


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