Skilled Workforce and Education

Midwestern values beat in the “Heart of America.” Honest, generous and hard-working, Kansas workers are a driving factor in the expansion of our state’s economy. With outstanding schools and good partnerships between industry and education, Kansas businesses have access to a workforce that is prepared to meet the needs of companies in a highly competitive global economy. Though much of the state’s population is concentrated in metropolitan areas, firms locating in any region of the state will find motivated and skilled workers ready to put their talent to work.

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  1. High Quality Education
  2. Workforce Development
  3. Advanced Education

High Quality Education

The state’s education system is a powerful factor contributing to the success of Kansas businesses. Kansas has a long history of investing in the education of our youth to provide a quality workforce for the jobs created by firms choosing to do business in this state.

Both the public high school graduation rate and the percentage of the population with a bachelor’s degree are above the national average. Kansas offers outstanding options for higher education, including six state universities, one municipal university and 26 community and technical colleges. We invest in Kansas businesses by ensuring excellence in education and opportunity for all.