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Looking for a great place to grow your business? A place with low operating costs, talented workers and business-friendly policies? A place where innovation is the norm, not the exception? If this sounds like the perfect place for your business, then Kansas is where you need to be.

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Kansas Industries

Advanced Manufacturing
Advanced Manufacturing: Advanced manufacturing--especially aviation and aerospace manufacturing -- is an important driver in the Kansas economy. The city of Wichita produces more than 30 percent of the world’s general aviation aircraft, earning the city the title of “Aviation Capital of the World.” Approximately 53 percent of Wichita’s manufacturing employment is related to the aviation/aerospace industry. Kansas is home to many key aviation companies, including Cessna, Beechcraft, Bombardier Learjet and Spirit AeroSystems.

In addition, General Motors and its suppliers have a significant automotive presence in Kansas City, Kan., where GM manufactures Chevrolet and Buick products. Kansas is also a leader in the fast-growing area of composites and advanced materials, a sector in which we are already seeing cluster development in the Wichita and Kansas City areas.

K-State Food Science Lab


Bioscience: From its roots in agriculture, bioscience has grown into one of Kansas’ top target industries. The state currently has more than 16,000 people employed in the biosciences and has initiated a comprehensive strategy to build on our established and emerging strengths. Animal health is one of our leading bioscience sectors, with the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor running through the heart of Kansas. This corridor has the world’s largest concentration of animal health interests and accounts for nearly one-third of total sales in the global animal health market.

Professional Services
Professional Services
Professional Services: Kansas has emerged as a leader for professional service companies, including those involved in finance, accounting, information technology and architectural design. In fact, in recent years, we have seen unprecedented success for Kansas in terms of recruiting new service-related companies, with corporate leaders such as Security Benefit, J.P. Morgan, U.S. Bank, Cerner Healthcare, Fishnet Security and Netsmart Technologies all establishing new facilities here.

Grain Silos

Renewable Fuels and Bioenergy: As a traditional agricultural leader and a state blessed with tremendous natural resources, Kansas is positioned to be a forerunner in renewable energy production. Kansas ranks very high in total biomass production, with companies benefiting from economical access to feedstock for bio-based fuels, as well as proximity to feedlots that serve as a market for the animal feed resulting from biofuel byproducts. With three million head of cattle on feed in southwest Kansas, biofuel plants can enjoy the cost savings of sending wet grains to nearby feedlots.

Wind Farm

Wind Energy: Located in the heart of the nation’s Wind Corridor, Kansas offers an ideal location for wind turbine manufacturing. Our central location and outstanding transportation infrastructure provide convenient and economical access to the regions with the greatest wind energy activity.
• Kansas wind is very cost effective due to high productivity factors, and has therefore been attractive to out-of-state utilities, which are purchasing over 45 percent  of the wind energy produced in Kansas.
  • There are 874 megawatts of wind capacity currently in advanced development.  
  • Kansas is ranked No. 3 in wind potential and is among the top ten states for operating wind farms.

According to data in the 2016 Annual Wind Market Report, Kansas ranks in the Top 10 in a number of categories:

  • 5th in cumulative investment in wind energy projects ($8.4 billion)
  • 5th in wind industry employment (5,001-6,000)
  • 5th in estimated annual lease payments to landowners by wind projects ($10-15 million)
  • 8th in wind capacity currently in advanced development (874). 
  • 5th in wind power capacity installations (4,451 MW)
  • 4th in wind power capacity additions during 2016 (687 MW),
  • 3rd in wind energy as percent of total state generation (29.6 percent)
  • 6th in fastest growing states for wind generation (28.3 percent annual growth) and 4th in total generation from wind power (14.1 million MWh)

Wind Resources of Kansas map

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Accolades & Rankings

  • Kansas ranked in the Top Five in three categories in Site Selection’s 2015 Governor’s Cup.  In the 2015 Governor’s Cup, Kansas ranked fifth in the nation by projects per capita. In the West North Central region, Kansas placed second in project rankings per capita, with 93 facilities. Kansas also placed second in the West North Central region for project rankings total facilities, with 93 facilities. The Governor’s Cup recognizes the top performing states for capital investment attraction that year. The Governor’s Cup reflects yearly project totals, which are tracked by the Conway Project Database.
  • Kansas ranked 5th in the U.S. in Pollina Corporate Real Estate’s 2015 and 2014 “Top 10 Pro-Business States” rankings, and annual study that examines 32 factors controlled by state governments to identify the states most effective at creating strong business environments. Pollina ranked Kansas in the top 10 for seven consecutive years. States that score well in these categories typically are successful in attracting and retaining businesses.
  • Area Development, a leading publication covering site selection and facility planning, awarded Kansas with a Silver Shovel in its 2015 Gold and Silver shovel Awards. Kansas has won this Silver award nine times in the last eleven years, plus in 2013 Kansas was a named a Gold Shovel recipient for the first time. The award recognizes states that have significant number of high-value-added new jobs and investment for the year.
  • The Kansas City Metropolitan Area was recently named the seventh best out of the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the nation for women-owned business by WalletHub, an online financial planning site.  WalletHub analysts compared the 100 largest metropolitan statistical areas across three key dimensions: Overall New Business Friendliness, Female Entrepreneurship, and Business Climate for Women. Kansas City, KS-MO also ranked 14th out of the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the nation for ‘female entrepreneurs’.
  • Thumbtack has announced that Kansas received an overall grade of an “A” for small business friendliness in its 2015 annual survey of business owners. Small businesses gave Kansas an “A+” in nine out of 10 subcategories, including tax code, regulations, employment and labor, and ease of starting a business. The survey drew upon data from nearly 18,000 small business owners. Kansas was among nine states receiving a grade of an “A.”

According to the Business Facilities rankings for 2014, Kansas is ranked:

  • 7th as an Aerospace/Defense Industry Leader
  • 9th as a Renewable Energy Leader in Power Generation
  • 6th as an Installed Wind Capacity Leader
  • 3rd for Wind Power as a Percentage of Overall Energy

  • Kansas City, Kan. was selected as the first Google Fiber Community.  Google launched an initiative called Google Fiber, which will provide communities with Internet access more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have today. Nearly 1,100 communities submitted applications for Google Fiber. Kansas City was selected and was the first community where Google installed its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) service.  Since that time, they have installed this fiber in several cities in the Kansas City metropolitan area with plans to continue installations in the state.
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