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2019 Kansas Renewable Energy Conference

  1. Renewable Energy Conf logo 2019

  2. Proposal Deadlines:

    • All proposals are due March 1, 2019, 5 pm (CST).
    • Authors of proposals will be notified via email on proposal selection by April 8, 2019.

  3. Proposal Policy:

    • Late or incomplete proposals will NOT be accepted.
    • Serve to educate, no commercial sales pitches.
    • Proposals must be well-organized and clearly describe their relevance to the industry and how the information presented could be applied or used in practice. Applicants are encouraged to use case studies, offer solutions, and include specifics.
    • More than one proposal may be submitted.
    • Selected presenters will be asked to speak in a general session, as a panelist, or in some cases as moderator. Time slots and session topics are pre-determined by the program committee.
    • The program committee will review all the submitted proposals and select the most interesting and appropriate proposals for this year’s program. We will also invite others to present on topics that we did not receive suitable proposals on but see as necessary for the program.

  4. Download the Proposal Requirements

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  5. Proposal Requirements:

    Proposals MUST INCLUDE the following:
    • Proposal title
    • Presenter name and contact information
    ○ Name
    ○ Title
    ○ Organization
    ○ Email address
    ○ Phone number
    ○ Bio
    • Select a topic
    • PowerPoint or other AV Requirements
    • Full presentation description (Proposal text)
    • Learning objectives

  6. Topics:

    • Wind
    • Community/public sector initiatives
    • Solar
    • Transportation
    • Biofuels
    • Energy Storage
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Green Energy
    • Economic Impact
    • Transmission

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  8. Contact Us

    Jeanna Lee
    Event Coordinator
    • (785) 296-1868

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